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Websites to Get CAD Add-ons

If you are looking for CAD add-ons, there are many websites to get one. However, not all websites are the same. There are sites that might be offering low quality CAD add-ons and there are websites that are too slow because their webhost isn’t one of the best. With that in mind, we need to make sure that our source is reliable, has a wide choice of CAD add-ons, and is fast. Now, if you are looking for a reliable place to get CAD add-ons, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the websites where you can get CAD Add-ons.


Autodesk Exchange Apps

The official website of one of the most popular CAD software, Autodesk Exchange Apps, contains hundreds of AutoCAD add-ons. There are free and paid apps that can do a lot of things for you. Some of the most popular CAD add-ons here allow you to purge DWG of unused DGN, LineTypes, annotations, etc. It’s also categorized so you can easily find what you’re looking for in terms of features.


If you are looking for CAD add-ons for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT versions 2004-2016, all you need to do is to go to their website and find your needs. Rather than offering a wide range of catalog of different plugins that can be purchased separately, they offer a suite of tools that can be purchased in its entirety, giving you a wide array of add-ons that can be of great help.


This website offers a few AutoCAD plugins that might be helpful for your projects. There are different add-ons that can be used to inject polylines, extract data to MS Excel 2010, add lengths tool, steel angle tool and more. The add-ons offered here are free of charge, and there’s even advanced troubleshooting tips if you run into any problems.


This website has a rather odd name but it provides few useful CAD add-ons that might help you accomplish your projects. Plug-ins offered here are free of charge. There are thirteen different plugins that will help you to either compare drawings, check dimensions, automate works and more.


They are offering CAD Add-on packages, however, those are all paid ones. Fortunately, they also offer trial versions of their products and packages. Additional thing worth noting about their add-ons is that theirs doesn’t usually work with AutoCAD LT.


RCAD offers several different kinds of AutoCAD software add-on that can be very helpful if you want to extend the capabilities of your AutoCAD software. They have triangulation, 3Dintersection, furniture design and more, which are very helpful if you are in the furniture designing industry.


There are several websites that offer different kinds of CAD add-ons that can be very helpful for you if you are looking to extend your CAD software. If you can’t find any add-ons suited for your particular needs, you can create your own. If you are knowledgeable enough, you can start your own website to host your add-ons and possibly earn some extra income.

Best CAD Software

CAD or computer aided design is very important in everyday designing projects especially in the field of machinery, electronics, automobiles and construction. It simplifies things and creates accurate designs that will make final products safer, better and efficient. This will create a blueprint for an excellent product that is not only efficient but also safe.

If you are an aspiring engineer, 3D modeler, construction designer, product designer or the like, you are probably having a hard time choosing your CAD software as there is a lot of CAD software available on the market. Worry not as we are here to help you. We will help you choose the best CAD software. Instead of discussing each and every CAD software available in the market, we will present you with a checklist to help you choose the perfect CAD software depending upon your needs.

How to Choose Your CAD Software?

  • The first thing to consider is design tools. The essence of any good CAD program is an efficient 2D and 3D modelling tool. There are programs that are only good for 2D drawing while there are others that are just for 3D modelling. Make sure that your chosen CAD software will have the drawing ability that you need. If you are doing 3D modelling, then you must choose a software that has a strong 3D modelling capability. If you are a designer that primarily focuses on 2D drawings, then you must get a strong 2D CAD.
  • Another thing that you need to consider when buying a CAD software is the interface features. There are some features, resources, UI layout and other customization features that will put a CAD software in a higher number than others. It is important that your CAD software should be one that has a strong resemblance to any software layout that you are familiar.
  • Another thing that you’ll need to consider is the number of editing tools. There are different editing tools and features for every CAD software. There are those who have a dozen of a certain kind of editing tools and there are others that have an editing tool that will combine two kinds of editing tools from another software. Their location and interface are also of an important factor to consider. Their ease of use and interface will also be of a heavy factor in considering a CAD software.
  • The last but not the least is the compatibility. If you are working on a company or if your plan to submit your design to different kinds of company, then your output file, which has a common file extension of DWG, DXF or DWF must be compatible to a wide number of CAD software. If, for some reason, the main output file of your CAD software is other than those common design extensions, your Cad software must have the ability to convert it to a universally accepted file format.

Best Free CAD Software

There is lots of CAD software available out there. However, most of the professional CAD software is very expensive. If you’re not going to start an engineering or computer design company, then it can be a very impossible feat. This is true if you are just learning, a student or someone who just wants to learn CAD.

But if you fall under the latter categories, then you are going to love this post as there are a number of free CAD software ready for you to use. They can be of great help if you want to learn CAD or if you are just create personal designs and projects. Now, without further ado, here are some of the best free CAD software in the market for you.

AutoCAD Student Version

Holy molly! Did you just read that right? AutoCAD is a flagship CAD software in use by numerous industries all around the world for more than three decades. It’s a go to standard for CAD software by most companies and you wouldn’t want to believe that you could get it for free.

What’s the catch? Nope, there’s no really major catch as this is a fully functional CAD software offered to students, military veterans, and anyone unemployed who previously worked in the AEC industry. The only minor downside is that your projects will have watermarks indicating that your design is created with the non-professional version. This won’t matter if you’re just learning or if you’re just creating a self-project.


SketchUp is another free tool with a massive amount of features and capabilities. It also has a very user friendly and intuitive user interface that will help you do your thing as fast as you can. It can be a great tool for personal and small CAD projects. It will also be a great tool for students, individuals who want to learn CAD and the like. There is also a massive amount of add-ons available for you to extend SketchUp’s capabilities.


Another free CAD software for your PC is DraftSight. This is a straightforward computer aided design. It will allow you to build professional building and designs without compromise in quality. It supports PNG, JPG and PDF formats. It also allows you to insert reference drawing, reference pictures and hyperlinks to plans and designs.


Is a free CAD design, but this isn’t for any professional work. This is only for those who want to learn how to create skeletons, the nature of CAD and how computer aided design works.


If you are a fan of open source software and projects, you’ll be very glad to learn that there is a free and open source software for CAD and that is FreeCAD. It’s aimed towards mechanical engineering and product design uses.