Best CAD Software

CAD or computer aided design is very important in everyday designing projects especially in the field of machinery, electronics, automobiles and construction. It simplifies things and creates accurate designs that will make final products safer, better and efficient. This will create a blueprint for an excellent product that is not only efficient but also safe.

If you are an aspiring engineer, 3D modeler, construction designer, product designer or the like, you are probably having a hard time choosing your CAD software as there is a lot of CAD software available on the market. Worry not as we are here to help you. We will help you choose the best CAD software. Instead of discussing each and every CAD software available in the market, we will present you with a checklist to help you choose the perfect CAD software depending upon your needs.

How to Choose Your CAD Software?

  • The first thing to consider is design tools. The essence of any good CAD program is an efficient 2D and 3D modelling tool. There are programs that are only good for 2D drawing while there are others that are just for 3D modelling. Make sure that your chosen CAD software will have the drawing ability that you need. If you are doing 3D modelling, then you must choose a software that has a strong 3D modelling capability. If you are a designer that primarily focuses on 2D drawings, then you must get a strong 2D CAD.
  • Another thing that you need to consider when buying a CAD software is the interface features. There are some features, resources, UI layout and other customization features that will put a CAD software in a higher number than others. It is important that your CAD software should be one that has a strong resemblance to any software layout that you are familiar.
  • Another thing that you’ll need to consider is the number of editing tools. There are different editing tools and features for every CAD software. There are those who have a dozen of a certain kind of editing tools and there are others that have an editing tool that will combine two kinds of editing tools from another software. Their location and interface are also of an important factor to consider. Their ease of use and interface will also be of a heavy factor in considering a CAD software.
  • The last but not the least is the compatibility. If you are working on a company or if your plan to submit your design to different kinds of company, then your output file, which has a common file extension of DWG, DXF or DWF must be compatible to a wide number of CAD software. If, for some reason, the main output file of your CAD software is other than those common design extensions, your Cad software must have the ability to convert it to a universally accepted file format.