Best Free CAD Software

There is lots of CAD software available out there. However, most of the professional CAD software is very expensive. If you’re not going to start an engineering or computer design company, then it can be a very impossible feat. This is true if you are just learning, a student or someone who just wants to learn CAD.

But if you fall under the latter categories, then you are going to love this post as there are a number of free CAD software ready for you to use. They can be of great help if you want to learn CAD or if you are just create personal designs and projects. Now, without further ado, here are some of the best free CAD software in the market for you.

AutoCAD Student Version

Holy molly! Did you just read that right? AutoCAD is a flagship CAD software in use by numerous industries all around the world for more than three decades. It’s a go to standard for CAD software by most companies and you wouldn’t want to believe that you could get it for free.

What’s the catch? Nope, there’s no really major catch as this is a fully functional CAD software offered to students, military veterans, and anyone unemployed who previously worked in the AEC industry. The only minor downside is that your projects will have watermarks indicating that your design is created with the non-professional version. This won’t matter if you’re just learning or if you’re just creating a self-project.


SketchUp is another free tool with a massive amount of features and capabilities. It also has a very user friendly and intuitive user interface that will help you do your thing as fast as you can. It can be a great tool for personal and small CAD projects. It will also be a great tool for students, individuals who want to learn CAD and the like. There is also a massive amount of add-ons available for you to extend SketchUp’s capabilities.


Another free CAD software for your PC is DraftSight. This is a straightforward computer aided design. It will allow you to build professional building and designs without compromise in quality. It supports PNG, JPG and PDF formats. It also allows you to insert reference drawing, reference pictures and hyperlinks to plans and designs.


Is a free CAD design, but this isn’t for any professional work. This is only for those who want to learn how to create skeletons, the nature of CAD and how computer aided design works.


If you are a fan of open source software and projects, you’ll be very glad to learn that there is a free and open source software for CAD and that is FreeCAD. It’s aimed towards mechanical engineering and product design uses.